Cheap Flight Day – Fact or Gimmick?

Posted by Jeremy Wascak August 21, 2019 Categories: Budgeting Fall Saving Shopping Summer Vacations

Can you really save on airline tickets on August 23?

This Friday, August 23, is known as “Cheap Flight Day” across the internet. As the name implies, many websites are claiming that August 23 is the best day to save money by booking a cheaper-than-normal flight. So just how much truth is there to this claim?

While there isn’t anything official that affects flight prices on this day, there may be some underlying truth to it. According to Forbes, airlines will typically drop their ticket prices 10 – 20 percent for the fall season, starting around August 23. The lower prices are likely due to the end of the summer, and with it, the end of peak travel season. Fewer tickets purchased means cheaper ticket prices. This dip in prices usually lasts from late August until about Thanksgiving, when more people are gearing up for trips. So August 23 may not be a magical holiday for the budget-conscious traveler, but it could be worth it to check out prices for a cheap fall getaway.

August 23 may or may not save you money on airline tickets, but there are plenty of other flight-related savings hacks out there!

According to the website Skyscanner, it’s cheapest to fly during the middle of the week, because flights on Fridays, Mondays, and weekends usually have a higher demand, therefore, cost more.

It can also help to know the best timeframe for when to book a flight. For domestic flights, it’s typically best to book your trip 3 – 6 weeks in advance, while international flights should be booked as far in advance as possible to get the best price.

Another general trend to watch out for is ticket prices that fluctuate on a weekly cycle. The beginning of the week usually has the cheapest prices, while airlines tend to raise prices later in the week. (When possible, check flight prices on Tuesday mornings.)

Happy travels!