Benefits of Banking with Towpath CU

Active in the United States since 1935, credit unions are not-for-profit cooperative financial institutions created by people with a common affiliation, such as belonging to a labor union, an association, or even working or living in the same place. For-profit banks and other lending institutions are looking for a return on an investment when a member takes out a loan. Credit Unions, however, have no stockholders looking at the return on their investment.

Democratic Process

The board of directors is elected by the Credit Union's membership and works on a volunteer basis. Unlike banks, credit union members have a direct say in who’s elected to run the credit union.


Credit unions have long-standing reputations for allowing spouses, siblings, and children of members to join.

Lower Fees

Comparatively, credit unions have lower fees for services.

Better Interest Rates on Loans

Interest rates are typically better through credit unions, which traditionally have been among the leaders in auto loans.

Easy to Join

You need only ask your employer, family members, or neighbors about credit unions that they may be part of. The process is then simple, and minimum balances are usually very low.

Love My Credit Union Rewards

Towpath Credit Union members receive exclusive discounts and benefits from trusted partners. 

Start saving today. The more offers you take advantage of, the more you save.