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For daily articles on subjects that all of us can relate to, turn to Everyday News. We'll post on items such as exercise, contests, promotions and how to save a dollar here or there. Make this your daily stop for things that affect you and your family every day.

Towpath Credit Union September Branch Cookouts 

Fundraiser for Akron Children's Hospital
Posted by Jeremy Wascak September 04, 2018
Towpath Credit Union will be having three cookouts, one at each of our branch locations, on three Fridays in September. For a suggested donation of $2.00 (Kids are free) to Akron Children's Hospital, members can enjoy hot dogs, chips, and water
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4 recent government decisions that affect Credit Unions 

Posted by April 02, 2018
It’s not often that credit unions make the news. Recently, though, several government decisions were reached, all of which affect credit unions and their members. 1.) Fed raises rates to highest level in a decade At the close of its
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Saving Smarts 

Talking to your kids about money
Posted by April 02, 2018
For the responsible adult who thinks about being prepared for the future, savings are a fixed expense that is built into the monthly budget just like car payments and insurance. For most people, though, this habit does not come naturally. It needs
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Rising Interest Rates 

Posted by March 30, 2018
Interest rates have been steadily increasing over the last year. So, if you’re thinking of taking out a large loan in the near future, you might be waiting until those rates start going down again. Here’s why that might not be the best idea.
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6 Habits That Can Cost You $50 a Month - OR MORE! 

Posted by March 23, 2018
Bad habits are a lot more than just a drag on your health and time – they can also put a serious strain on your budget. Here’s some average expenses of habits that may be impacting your finances. #1: Smoking If you smoke, averaging $5 a day,
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Spring Cleaning Your Finances 

Posted by March 19, 2018
Springtime is about more than just cleaning out the attic and sprucing up your home. It’s about cleaning up and clearing out your finances as well. Here are two ways in which you can get your financial information in tip-top shape – before you
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A Checking Account for Home Loans 

Posted by March 19, 2018
When you open a new checking account for a special purpose like this, you want to look at two primary factors: fees and convenience. In your particular case, you will likely go back and forth between a balance of a few thousand dollars and close to
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The realities of paying off student loans 

Posted by March 12, 2018
College graduates in Ohio are entering the workforce with high hopes, bright futures, and years’ worth of student loan debt. The average annual cost of tuition in Ohio was $14,804 for the 2016-2017 academic year, according to CollegeCalc. That’s
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11 Amazing Uses for Salt 

Posted by March 09, 2018
From 101gardner.com: Everybody is familiar with pepper’s lighter-hued mate and its uses in and on dishes. But you may be surprised to learn that salt also has a wide variety of uses outside of the kitchen. From killing ants to polishing metal,
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Posted by March 02, 2018
One thing at a time? Not for me, thanks! Does this sound like you? With gadgets that can seamlessly execute dozens of functions, it’s no wonder we spend our days multitasking as we flit from one chore to the next. This month, give yourself the
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