Posted by March 02, 2018

One thing at a time? Not for me, thanks!

Does this sound like you? With gadgets that can seamlessly execute dozens of functions, it’s no wonder we spend our days multitasking as we flit from one chore to the next.

This month, give yourself the gift of mindfulness. Choose one part of your day when you will focus on a single task and nothing more. You can choose to drive without listening to the radio, simply enjoying the throb of the engine and the smooth feel of the road beneath you. Whip up dinner with your mind in full gear. Instead of having television or music in the background, experience inhaling the scent of fresh garlic and savoring the gratification that comes from feeding your family.

Being mindful of the moment improves your focus and allows you to enjoy the small pleasures inherent in every part of your day.

Try it. You’ll be glad you did!