The State of American Saving - Taxes and other Considerations

Posted by Jeremy Wascak April 20, 2017

As you start to earn really substantial returns on your money, it will be important to limit the amount of taxes you pay on those returns. For instance, if you go into the stock market with your money without consulting a financial adviser and accountant, you could end paying all your returns in taxes when you could have uses a tax-shielded vehicle. Also, there may be special accounts for specific savings needs like health savings accounts and college savings accounts that offer special advantages. Always consult professionals for advice in these areas.

As I have mentioned before, your behavior and savings rate are much more important, especially at the beginning. But as you start to progress, rate of return will become very important as well, especially over longer time frames. A few points of difference in rate of return over a life time of saving can amount to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, and alter your retirement lifestyle dramatically.

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