The Thought of Moving Exhausts Me!

Posted by Jeremy Wascak May 02, 2017

With Guest Blogger Dawn Lawson

You’ve been thinking about moving for a while ... actually for quite a while. Every time the topic comes up you are faced with the realization all your possessions either have to be packed, donated, or pitched. Believe me, I know! After 25 years in the same home raising children, I was faced with the same dilemma. Nothing makes you drag your feet more than facing that seemingly impossible task.

Many of us hang on to items just in case we might need or want them again. Now is a great time to declutter. I always recommend creating staging locations. One area for donations (they will come with a truck and get it for you), another area for items you want to take with you but don’t use every day, and last but not least, the pitch pile (my adult kids told me to get a dumpster. I gasped but I did it. Best decision I made!).

I had a client who spent two years getting prepared to put her home on the market. Trying to do it in a couple months’ time was not even an option. It was not only physically exhausting but emotional as well so she took her time. However, that extra time she spent paid off. She decluttered and refreshed her home and sold it in a couple of days for over list price. By doing the work ahead of time, the actual move went like clockwork. She just had a few pieces of furniture to sell that she had kept for staging (and for living). When the time came, the moving van was quickly loaded and she was on her way to Colorado to live near her children.

Waiting until you list your home to start this process would be overwhelming. Keep in mind, once you get a sales contract on your home, you will have approximately 30 days to move. Do the work now on your time frame. Don’t be forced to scramble to meet contract dates.  Take a room...or a closet...or one corner of the basement and just get started. Break it down into small bite size pieces. And don’t forget, there are professionals available who will work alongside you to organize and ease this job.

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