A Brief History of Towpath Credit Union

Towpath Credit Union, formerly Akron Teachers Credit Union, was established in 1936 for employees of the Akron Public Schools.

By 1969, the Akron Teachers Credit Union had outgrown the small Akron office. Many other employee groups had also realized the benefits of being credit union members. This dramatic growth prompted the Board of Directors to approve building the office located at 645 North Main Street in Akron that is still open today.

The Akron Teachers Credit Union continued to grow with the addition of numerous employee membership groups, and finally by changing to a community charter in early 2004 – for those consumers who can join the credit union - that; live, work, worship and go to school in Summit County Ohio. Later that year, the Akron Teachers Credit Union also changed its name to Towpath Credit Union in order to more accurately describe its field of membership.

The name “Towpath Credit Union” was chosen in honor of the historical significance of the canal and towpath in the birth and growth of Akron and surrounding communities. The towpath is the path that runs along the Ohio & Erie Canal. It stretches from Cleveland through Akron to Portsmouth, connecting Lake Erie to the Ohio River.

In June of 2011 Towpath Credit Union and the former TeleCommunity Credit Union (formerly Akron Telephone Credit Union) officially formed a strategic merger and retained the name Towpath Credit Union.

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