Redefine your Relationship with Banking

Towpath Credit Union, formerly Akron Teachers Credit Union, was established in Akron, Ohio in 1936 for employees of the Akron Public Schools system. Through decades of dedicated service to Akron Public Schools employees, the credit union grew substantially. By 1969, the Akron Teachers Credit Union had outgrown the small Akron office they were utilizing at the time. This dramatic growth prompted the Akron Teachers CU Board of Directors to approve the building of the branch located at 645 North Main Street in the North Hill neighborhood. This branch was remodeled in 2016 and is still open today.

Akron Teachers CU would then change its name to Towpath Credit Union in 2004. The credit union also established a community charter at this time, opening Membership to all of those who live, work, study, or worship in Summit County, Ohio. The credit union would soon open a new branch in Fairlawn, Ohio, at the beginning of 2005.

In 2011, Towpath CU and TeleCommunity Credit Union, formerly Akron Telephone Credit Union, completed a strategic merger and retained the name Towpath Credit Union. The TeleCommunity CU branch on North Turkeyfoot road became Towpath CU’s third branch.

In 2019, TowpathCU expanded its footprint in Summit County buy purchasing and renovating what was formally a bank branch in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The credit union then merged in Akron Municipal Employees Credit Union in 2021.

Today, the credit union is approximately $180 Million in assets and growing and serves over 25,000 Members in the greater Akron community.

 At Towpath Credit Union, our mission is simple: We will deliver the best Member   experience while improving the financial wellness of our communities. How do we do    this? By providing warm welcome service, individualized attention, accountability, trusted   and professional advice, and confident expertise.

In addition to superior Member service, there are many benefits to banking with Towpath CU. These include:

  • Democratic Process - The board of directors is elected by the Credit Union's membership and works on a volunteer basis. Unlike banks, credit union members have a direct say in who’s elected to run the credit union.
  • Inclusivity - Spouses, siblings, and children of Members are welcome to join.
  • Lower Fees - Compared to big banks, credit unions have lower fees for services.
  • Better Rates - Interest rates are typically better through credit unions, which traditionally have been among the leaders in auto loans.
  • Easy to Join - You need only ask your employer, family members, or neighbors  about credit unions that they may be part of. The process is then simple, and minimum balances are as low as $5 with Towpath CU.
  • Community Focused - Towpath CU remains dedicated to benefiting our Summit County community. Additionally, in order to qualify for Membership, you must live, work, worship, or go to school in Summit County.

 When you walk into our lobby or call a Loan Officer, you're entering a whole new world   of banking. What makes Towpath Credit Union different from a traditional bank may not   be obvious initially - Towpath CU offers similar products and services as any bank would.   What makes Towpath CU stand out is The Credit Union Difference.